Blockchain A-Z Promo

About This Project

This is a promo video for the Blockchain A-Z™ 2018 course by SuperDataScience, focused on spreading a full comprehensive guide on blockchain technology.
Our work was to maximize the impact of their message through epic VFX.

The Process

Challenge and Planning:
The main production challenge was to orchestrate two separate recording sessions remotely, with clear guidelines during preproduction to make the final video seamless.

Both instructors recorded themselves from different countries, so our first task was to deliver clear guidelines for each studio producers. That way their outcomes would have similar looks through color grading.

Color Correction & Color Grading:

Video Editing (Base Video):
Then, we edited out all the takes into a logical order (based on the original script) to tell a compelling story.

Post-Production, Animation & VFX:
We spiced things up with support animations to enhance the visual experience and to strengthen key selling features of the course.

We even added subtle details like 3D depths by creating mattes to key out the footage.

Cinematic Intro Video:
Moverover, we created an intro animation to make our viewers feel the epicness that the course delivers.

Sound FX & Music:
Finally, we edited a music track and specific sound FX that completed the overall experience. Only then the video was ready to do its magic.

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