Udemy Ads by SuperDataScience

About This Project

SuperDataScience, one of the top quality producers of online tech courses in the market, was given the chance to boost the sales of their best-selling courses by Udemy.
Our task was to enhance a set of 4 videos with VFX and motion graphics to maximize the impact of his message.

The Process

The first task was to successfully key out Kirill from the shot using the Keylight plug-in.

Next, we color graded him to remove that washed out look from the raw file, using the Lumetri plug-in.

Then the fun part began. Since we wanted him to be in a real location and not just some color background, we composited an office environment right behind within After Effects.

Finally, we created animated titles & graphics to strengthen the impact of Kirill’s message in most parts of the video.

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