What’s Next Campaign

About This Project

SuperDataScience launched its brand new platform offering top education in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and many more trending topics.
We were tasked with a set of online video ads to create brand awareness and to increase registered users.


By taking a look at how other online platforms promoted themselves (Slack, Monday.com, Bitrix24, Grammarly, Trello) we concluded that our ads must:

    1. Last less than 45 seconds.   
2. Address our target audience’s pains within the first 5 seconds.
    3. Showcase the platform’s main features through UX animations.

The Concept

Since Data Science is still an incipient field, aspirants often struggle to find a clear pathway to the top.

WHAT’S NEXT is a concept that challenges them into thinking that constant education should always be a step between their milestones. That way they may consider SuperDataScience as the perfect ally for any stage of their careers.

Look N Feel Exploration

The Process

1. Scripting

Scripting always comes first because it defines our route towards a successful outcome. As a team we agreed upon how to best tell the story, so we came up with this structure:

2. Storyboarding

Next, from each script we create a storyboard splitted into scenes. For each scene we define a visual sketch, how those visuals will move, and the companion audio track.
Here an iterative process takes place, where feedback triggers adjustments.

3. Animatic

Then we create an animatic: a draft animation to check if each scene works fine and sparks the desired emotions. We hired an external voice actor to do a voice over with the original script.
Also, another iterative process takes place to refine our video.

Only after every feedback is met, we apply the final look n feel to each scene.Et voilà! Our video is ready to do its magic.

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