About This Project

Medify Air is an air purifier with UV light and HEPA Filtration, designed to deactivate airborne pathogens and effectively reduce indoor pollutants. In 2021, they asked us to create a short 3D promo video to showcase their latest innovation, the MA-50.

Scientifically proven, the MA-50 can remove up to 99.9% of viruses in the air, Covid-19 included.

The Result

Using 3D modeling and animation, we developed a 45 seconds promo video showcasing MA-50 core features in a slick, clean and elegant design.

The Process

Using Cinema 4D, we made a few optimisations to keep and remove key elements that needed to be displayed in the 3D model.

To help bring the model to life, we incorporated textures and lighting, to enhance its features.

Once the design was completed we planned the storyboard (frame-by-frame scene for the video) and its animatic.

After rendering in Octane Render Engine, we moved into After Effects to add the rest of the scenes and motion graphics. Thus creating a final video, the first of its series for Medify Air.

Style Frames

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