Tropikal Watermelon Ad

Tropikal® brings you the fizzling mix between sparkling water and watermelon flavor. In 2021 they asked us to put into moving images everything that’s inside one of their cans.

The Result

We created this 15 seconds long crack-opening of a can in 3D, showcasing a flavorful burst of fluids simulation and fruit geometries to make the visual experience tastier.

The Process

Everything starts with a concept, so with the words fresh, delightful and premium in mind, we designed the can’s texture first.

Then we proceeded to create a photorealistic 3D can.

3D lights were added to make it look as if the can was sitting on a photoshoot set.

We moved on to the exploration of the fluid animations coming out of the can.

Finally we modelled some watermelon cuts to add as props for the can’s stage.

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